2013 is the Year of E-Commerce in Asia

e-commerce ChinaLast year e-commerce sales globally grew over 21% according to research firm eMarketer and they are predicting growth of 20% again this year with the highest growth rate coming out of Asia at over 33%.

China will drive the majority of the growth as it surpasses Japan this year to become the second largest e-commerce market globally. China had nearly 220 million online shoppers in 2012 and this is expected to double (yes that is right) by 2016, becoming the largest online shopping community in the world.

Last year World Wide Accessed launched its services in China. We experienced all the challenges an exporter faces doing business in China, however successfully now have New Zealand products on Taobao, 360Buy.com, Amazon.cn and soon to be launched, a home shopping TV channel. These channels account for almost 80% of the e-commerce market reach in China.

If you are interested in exporting your products to China and distributing through this huge network of online shoppers then contact me to discuss the options.

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