Claiming Your Rightful .nz Domain Name

You’ve been blocked from having that online address. So now what?”

Domain squatters are one of the scourges of the Internet.

It’s good to know that in New Zealand at least, something’s being done about it. The New Zealand Domain Name Commission works to ensure a fair environment for .nz domain names.

The Domain Name Commission provides a process for claiming back your .nz domain name if someone else has unfairly registered it,  as the recent Idealog article “When someone else beats you to registering your domain name” explains.

That means you have an opportunity to claim your domain name even if it’s already registered. You must establish that you have rights to the name, and that the person who has registered it has done so unfairly.

If it’s your business name or your trademark, and it’s a competitor or squatter that has registered it, you have every chance of getting the domain name you want.


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