Cyber Tuesday, Now Bigger Than Cyber Monday?

There’s been no shortage of hype in the e-commerce news about the explosive growth in online sales on Cyber Monday, and it has been successful for New Zealand products in the USA.

IBM has dubbed Cyber Monday 2012 ‘the biggest spending day ever’ in their Cyber Monday Report 2012. IBMs analysis suggests online sales for the 24 hours of 27 November 2012 increased 30% over last year, and Cyber Monday online sales were 36% higher than Black Friday. Within those metrics, purchases made with mobile devices close to doubled year on year, with iPad purchases used for 7% of overall online shopping and growing fast.

All of this is great news for products with an online sales strategy, particular when that strategy includes participation in mobile commerce. Products exported by World Wide Access to the USA are available for American consumers to purchase from their smartphones and iPads through Amazon mobile shopping apps.

But is Cyber Tuesday now an even bigger online shopping day? It has been for us.

Today, Tuesday in the USA, sales of New Zealand products in the USA through World Wide Access have topped Cyber Monday. New Zealand products such as Merino Kids baby sleep bags and Dominion sheepskin boots (pictured right) topped Monday’s numbers, as did many others.

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