Liquid Gold! The Village Press Olive Oil

Olive oil from The Village Press is now available throughout the United States through World Wide Access webstore Shopping Moa and our presence on

American cooks and chefs are getting the chance to sample premium New Zealand extra virgin olive oil and the compliments are already rolling in.

Here’s a selection.


Outrageously delicious extra virgin olive oil straight from New Zealand.”

Eat, Live, Run

I tasted it: true heaven. Almost buttery and velvety tasting. Definite flavor. Not the thin and pretty much flavorless oil I am used to.”

– The Curvy Carrot

Flavorful and delicious.”

For The Love Of Cooking

Just what I need to push those hors d’oeuvres and entrees to another level.”

504 Main


Other foodie bloggers have been switching to extra virgin oil from The Village Press and using it in their recipes. These include Jenna at Eat, Live, Run, Mandy’s Recipe Box, For The Love Of Cooking, Girlichef, and Slow Cooker Adventures.

The Grillin’ Fools marinated lamb recipe used The Village Press olive oil, and they particularly picked up on the advantages of the bag-in-a-box packaging. “The box keeps light out, and the bag keeps air from getting inside the container since it collapses in on itself as the bag empties. To me this is brilliant.”

This remark from The Curvy Carrot perhaps sums it up best of all.

Like a little bit of liquid gold.”


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