Amazon MWS Credentials For OrderPipe

An updated guide for setting up OrderPipe to receive your Amazon sales data has been posted to the OrderPipe blog.

For OrderPipe to show your Amazon sales from one or more Amazon marketplaces, you must grant it permission by giving it your Amazon MWS credentials. Much as we’d like it to be a clean straightforward process for you to get started using OrderPipe to track your Amazon sales, the way you find out your Amazon MWS credentials has always been a bit obscure and convoluted, making it a lot more difficult than it needs to be, and the screens that you use to get your MWS credentials have changed recently.

We’ve published an updated guide to getting your MWS credentials over at the OrderPipe blog.

The OrderPipe Application Name and Developer ID information you need for that MWS registration form varies by Amazon marketplace. For reference, here are the codes that you can copy/paste into the MWS fields.

Application Name:


Developer ID:    9535-3333-6211   4448-4546-7087   1968-0823-1336   6266-0919-4743   4448-4546-7087


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