Real Nappies Launches in Japan

Environmental issues are a big concern in Japan for many reasons. With almost 128 million people in a country about the same size as New Zealand, last years multiple tsunami and nuclear disasters and an increasing concern about the ecology of the nation, the Japanese are looking for ways to live in better harmony with the environment.

We are excited to announce the arrival of Real Nappies, New Zealand’s favorite cloth diaper brand, in Japan.

Waste in Japan is a huge issue. It is estimated that a child will run through over 8,000 diapers before becoming fully toilet-trained and that over 90 percent of the soiled diapers enter the household trash stream and ultimately end up in landfills creating a public health hazard.

Real Nappies presents a more environmentally friendly option with their prefold cloth diaper system, and the Real Nappies team is looking forward to working in the Japanese market. Real Nappies cloth diaper products are available now through Amazon Japan.


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