Exporter Magazine Cover Story

The cover story of the May-June 2012 issue of New Zealand’s Exporter magazine is all about World Wide Access and what it can do for Kiwi exporters.

Exporter Editor Glenn Baker introduces World Wide Access as having, “An impressive business model for Kiwi exporters wanting to dip their toe into overseas markets.”

The article highlights the differences between conventional websites and what’s needed to compete at a world-class e-commerce standard in the American market.

It outlines three reasons World Wide Access is being so successful:

  1. Exporting with World Wide Access is faster to market and costs less than conventional market entry.
  2. World Wide Access is world-class at e-commerce; at making it easy for customers to find products and easy for them to make their purchase.
  3. Others can’t match the software technology developed by World Wide Access.
It then looks at how World Wide Access is opening up its export sales channel into China, and asks the question, “Who wants to be next?”

World Wide Access was founded by Paul Grey with the sole purpose of reinventing exporting for products-focused Kiwi businesses, initially targeting the US. The achievements for its clients have been nothing short of impressive.”

Read the Exporter magazine article Easy access at the magazine website.

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