Exporter Newsletter Covers World Wide Access

Our entry into China earned coverage in this month’s Exporter newsletter:


NZ firm’s world-first on Amazon.cn

Amazon.com, the world’s largest online retailer, recently launched Amazon.cn in China and World Wide Access was the first international company to sell products through the site to customers in China.

Kiwi software entrepreneur Paul Grey, who founded World Wide Access in 2008, says his company’s innovative export approach makes it easy for New Zealand products to reach hundreds of millions of online shoppers in China. Products can be selling in-market in just weeks, without the cost and complexity of conventional market entry.

“Companies gain the in-market selling advantage in China without needing to establish a costly direct presence or sign away control and margin to a distributor,” says Grey.

World Wide Access has proven its software-driven export model by taking hundreds of products into the US and UK in recent years. For the full story check out the May/June issue of Exporter magazine.



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