Nooski in the News

David Wells, inventor of the Nooski mouse trap.

New Zealand’s Nooski is in the business news headlines. Wellington’s Dominion Post newspaper today published an article describing the Nooski mouse trap and rat trap and Nooski’s export success. The article is also published online at

Nooski traps use a green latex rubber ring to suffocate rats and mice in a few seconds, a much more humane system than conventional rodent control methods such as poison or spring traps which often maim rather than kill outright. Nooski was the first to develop a consumer product using a ring mechanism. It has been granted a full utility patent in the United States and the equivalent patent is expected to be issued in the European Union.

The Nooski brand was launched in the United States in 2009 with World Wide Access, and this year World Wide Access is taking Nooski into China. Nooski mouse traps, rat traps and refill packs are available online in New Zealand at and in the United States at and

Read the full Dominion Post article about Nooski and World Wide Access.


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