World First Selling on Amazon China

World Wide Access is the first international company to sell products on Amazon China., the world’s largest online retailer with sales of US$48 billion, recently entered the Chinese market and launched

World Wide Access ships New Zealand products to China, stores them in secure warehouses there, and sells them online through and other major Chinese shopping sites, using Chinese-language product descriptions and offering local payment options and fast local delivery. Through World Wide Access, New Zealand companies gain the in-market selling advantage in China without needing to establish a costly direct presence or sign away control and margin to a distributor.

World Wide Access has reinvented exporting by combining e-commerce, software automation and online marketing in a way that wouldn’t have been possible just a few years ago. We make it easy for Chinese online shoppers to find New Zealand products, and easy for them to buy.

Technology has enabled World Wide Access to create a new way of exporting and the New Zealand-China Free Trade Agreement has come at just the right time. Now, with World Wide Access, New Zealand companies can be selling in China immediately, without risking everything to get there.

Many businesses have not considered direct entry to China a viable option because of language, cultural and legal hurdles. These hurdles can now be overcome by partnering with World Wide Access. World Wide Access handles shipping, customs clearance, warehousing, translation, marketing, selling, tax compliance, automated order fulfilment, and banking. Suppliers can track sales and inventory online and receive payments directly into their New Zealand bank accounts each month.

World Wide Access is spearheading its push into the Chinese market with products from Nooski and Merino Kids, available to Chinese customers right now through the World Wide Access storefront on The ingenious Nooski mouse trap is patented world-wide and is made in New Zealand. The Merino Kids baby sleep bag was the world’s first merino wool baby sleeping bag and is widely acknowledged to be the finest.

David Wells, inventor of the Nooski Mouse Trap, said: “When you’re going online, you need a specialist. World Wide Access did a great job for us in other markets, so it was an easy choice to entrust our entry into the Chinese market to them.”

Amie Nilsson, founder of Merino Kids, said: “Our award-winning merino wool baby sleep bags are popular with the Chinese community here in New Zealand, and many people buy for relatives in China. Now everyone in China has direct local access to our products. World Wide Access has done a tremendous job for us in America and it’s remarkable how they’ve been able to get Merino Kids onto Amazon China as well.”

The Nooski Mouse Trap for sale on Amazon China.




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