Tony Alexander’s ‘Growing With China’

The first edition of the new Bank of New Zealand newsletter ‘Growing With China’ has just been published. It’s written by Tony Alexander, the BNZ’s high-profile Chief Economist and is available online at

In focusing on China, Tony is acknowledging China’s importance to New Zealand’s economy. His intention is to help businesses benefit from China’s growth and development by exploring the economic relationship between China and New Zealand, highlighting businesses opportunities and encouraging trade between the two countries.

In this first edition Tony points out that in the 18th Century the Chinese economy represented between a quarter and a third of the world’s GDP before dropping to 2% of global GDP in the 1970s. In this context he characterises today’s economic resurgence in China as a long term recovery and he forecasts that China will regain its 25% share by 2028. He goes on to explain some of the ways China’s growth is already affecting New Zealand, directly and indirectly.

It’s most definitely worth a read: Growing With China.

To subscribe to receive ‘Growing With China’ by email each month, email Tony directly at t[email protected], including your company and name and your connection with or interest in China.

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