Canada Here We Come

ExportX (formerly World Wide Access) will soon be exporting to Canada, giving Canadian online shoppers in-market access to New Zealand products. Canadian online shopping exceeds C$15 billion per year and 8 out of every 10 Canadians has internet access, over 28 million people.

Despite its proximity to the United States, Canadian customers are relatively poorly served when it comes to online purchasing options from American websites. Many American vendors deliver only within the USA and simply refuse to ship internationally to Canada.

There are also many American merchants that do offer delivery to Canada, but cross-border courier services can be expensive, and on top of that Canadian customers often face hefty duty, GST and customs clearance fees upon package arrival. The ten Canadian provinces from British Columbia in the west to Newfoundland in the east have varying rates of GST, PST and HST taxes, which adds complexity to the sales process.

This means that Canada should be considered a separate market from the USA, which emphasises the significance of this new ExportX export sales channel. Companies selling with ExportX will now have the option to reach Canadian customers directly.

I’ve been holding out for this opportunity to sell in Canada.”

One company to jump at the opportunity to export to Canada with ExportX is Mumi&Bubi, maker of the successful Solids Starter Kit for homemade baby food.

“I’ve had intense interest from multiple parties wanting to distribute for Mumi&Bubi in Canada but I’ve been holding out for this opportunity to sell in Canada with ExportX,” said founder Christina Piet. “In Canada I think we can match the growth we’re already achieving in the USA.”

Suppliers interested in entering the Canadian market please contact us for more information.

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