Merino Kids Rated #1 in the USA

The Merino Kids baby sleep bag is now ranked the number one top-rated baby clothing product by customers in the United States.

Merino Kids Baby Sleep Bag Rated #1 by Amazon Customers

“What a fantastic accolade,” said Amie Nilsson, Merino Kids founder and designer of the Merino Kids Baby Sleep Bag, the world’s first natural merino baby sleep bag.

Merino Kids’ breakthrough was introducing the world to the use of natural superfine merino wool for baby sleep, safety and comfort, an innovation recognized by the iF International Design Forum. From my own experience I believe the Merino Kids baby sleep bag is the best baby sleep bag in the world, and in my opinion it deserves all the recognition it’s received, and more.

This particular ranking by Amazon is particularly significant because it’s a rating by customers in the world’s biggest market, and it’s a #1 ranking not just amongst Sleeping Bags but in the entire Baby Clothing category. This means Merino Kids is top-rated by customers against tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of baby clothing products including those from all the established baby apparel brands.

It’s wonderful to see parents in America expressing in this way their appreciation of the benefits of natural merino for their babies. And it’s a spectacular achievement for the Merino Kids brand which was little-known in the United States just a couple of years ago.

The Merino Kids Baby Sleep Bag range includes baby sleeping bags to fit babies 0-2 years, a larger toddler size for children 2-4 years, winter-weight sleeping bags for cooler rooms, and two recently-introduced Limited Edition sleeping bags with embroidered ‘Ladybug‘ and ‘Counting Sheep’ designs.

The Merino Kids Baby Sleep Bag range is available on-line in the United States at Merino Kids USA, and

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  1. BillyBernardus 26 March 2013 at 11:12 pm #

    Fantastic Range of Baby clothing products shared by you. Last time, I bought the organic baby clothing from Little organics. The natural clothing products are safe and free from any chemicals.

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