Alister Gates Joins World Wide Access

Developing export sales channels into Japan and China.

Alister Gates this week joins the World Wide Access team. He will be focusing on opening up World Wide Access export sale channels into Japan and China.

“In my time as CEO and owner of the New Zealand Trade Centre in Auckland we were constantly looking for ways to help New Zealand exporters get to market easier, quicker and with less risk. Paul Grey and the team at World Wide Access always impressed me with their business model. They operate in the fastest growing retail segment, and have established channels to market in United States, United Kingdom and very soon Japan and China. In the next 3-4 years it is predicted China’s online sales will exceed the long established USA market. It was a simple decision for me, World Wide Access offers New Zealand exporters a better way to export and produces real results in exports sales for its clients.”

Alister has over 16 years experience in the online digital world. He has run his own marketing business for the last 7 years helping businesses grow their market. As CEO of the New Zealand Trade Centre Alister built a large network of New Zealand exporters and export-related services. He hosted many international trade delegations and helped local companies find new export markets. Alister’s wife Rochelle runs their internationally-focused marketing company +64 Marketing, he has two children and if his mobile phone is sometimes a little patchy you will find him spending his holidays on Great Barrier Island.

World Wide Access makes exporting easier for New Zealand companies wanting to reach customers in the United States, United Kingdom.  Japan and China will open up in early in 2012 providing a fast way to market, with lower costs and risk compared to conventional export market entry, and for customers in those markets it makes it products easy to find and easy to buy.

Businesses interested in exporting to Japan or China are invited to contact Alister directly:

Email: [email protected]
Telephone: +64 9 281 2522
Mobile: +64 21 243 0640
Skype: alister.gates



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