Record Sales of the Nooski Mouse Trap

The Nooski mouse trap is selling at record levels in the United States. Remarkably, this growth is being achieved in June, July, and August, summertime, not generally considered the time of the year that people need mouse traps. There’s a simple reason for it; in summer mice are outside where food is plentiful. Mice and other rodents come closer to human habitation in the fall and winter when food is scarce.

Google reinforces this view. In the e-commerce world, search frequency is a proxy for sales and seasonality. Google tells us that June, July and August show the fewest searches for mouse traps, and that people are most interested in mouse traps in October and November.

This means that the surge in popularity of the Nooski Mouse Trap is coming at a time when we’d expect sales of mouse traps to be at their lowest ebb.

The conclusion has to be that more and more people are discovering the remarkable Nooski ring trap, which is so much easier, safer and cleaner than traditional old-fashioned mouse traps. I estimate the Nooski market share to have trebled in the last 6 months. This is a great sign for the New Zealand-designed and New Zealand-made Nooski mouse trap going in to the northern Fall season when mouse traps are likely to be in high demand.

Nooski Trap Systems selected World Wide Access to take the Nooski mouse trap and rat trap to the United States in 2010.

World Wide Access was the right choice. I see sales growing month by month, it’s exciting to see Nooski appearing on bestseller lists in America as a result of World Wide Access’s expertise in selling online.”

– David Wells, inventor of the Nooski Mouse Trap.


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