Real Nappies Report on World Wide Access

Unlimited magazine published a submission from Liz Mole of Real Nappies in response to the recent ‘Ticket to the land of opportunity‘ article. She headed her remarks Real Nappies report on World Wide Access and wrote:

“We have had the pleasure of working with Paul at World Wide Access and our brand, Real Nappies (modern cloth nappies/diapers), has been successfully sold through World Wide Access in the USA for 18 months. More recently we also asked Paul if he may be keen to distribute for us in the UK. Sure enough since last Christmas, Real Nappies have also been available in the UK, although early days this market is growing at a steady rate.

“In the USA sales are increasing month by month! Real Nappies are growing at a phenomenal rate and are up 150% on this time last year. From a quarterly perspective, 2011 Q2 is up almost 30% on Q1, excellent growth all round.

“So from our point of view what’s the catch? Well we have to have the stock available, packed on pallets and ready for World Wide Access to collect from our warehouse. Then what? Well that’s it really …. we simply let World Wide Access worry about the logistics, warehousing, distribution, marketing and customer care.

“We just sit back and wait for the monthly reports telling us how much we’ve sold. What more could you ask for?”

Liz, thank you for your kind words and thank you for choosing World Wide Access to take Real Nappies products into the USA and UK.

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