Rising Expectations of On-Line Retailers

On-line shoppers in the USA want the shopping experience to be fast and easy, they want to receive their purchases quickly, they want options for how orders will be delivered, and options for how they pay. These factors might seem obvious, and they’re a fundamental principle in how World Wide Access takes products to market in America. Just how important they are becoming has been reinforced by leading e-commerce magazine Internet Retailer in its July issue.

The article “E-retailers face rising expectations for fast and easy online ordering” quotes statistics showing that the number of U.S. web shoppers is growing, and web sales are growing faster. This means that each shopper is spending more, and more buying is being done by people who have previously shopped on the web. These savvy consumers expect every e-commerce site to be as efficient and easy to use as the very best ones.

Products Eligible for Amazon PrimeExpert Michael Kleinman is quoted naming Amazon.com as the gold standard for easy shopping and fast delivery. He points out that the features Amazon.com offers, such as the Amazon Prime programme, put pressure on smaller web retailers to keep up. “Customer expectations have changed,” he said. “If the shopping experience is at all cumbersome or unpleasant, you will not have repeat customers.”

Delivery optionsWorld Wide Access from the outset has focused on delivering a very high standard of on-line customer experience, and aims to stay ahead of rising customer expectations. For example, its ShoppingMoa.com webstore offers customers a variety of delivery options, including priority 2-day and overnight delivery for the customers that need their product straight away and want a guaranteed delivery time. These delivery options are made possible by stocking products in-market in warehouses across the United States, and software automation of the sales and order fulfilment process.

Additionally, through its links into Amazon, World Wide Access is able to secure eligibility for the Amazon Prime programme for many New Zealand products. Amazon Prime offers members free priority shipping and has over a million subscribers; Prime eligibility can boost a products sales by making it easier to buy for all those potential customers.


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