Ticket to the Land Of Opportunity

Writer Matt Philp recently interviewed Paul Grey for Unlimited magazine, writing, “World Wide Access could be the next best thing to being there for Kiwi companies that want to break into the US.”

His article appeared under the heading “Ticket to the land of opportunity” in the Unlimited June feature on exporting to the United States. In the article Paul explains the driving concept behind World Wide Access.

Unlimited picked up on the way World Wide Access is pioneering a new way to export that breaks down barriers to entry, asking, “Could it be a new and better way for Kiwi businesses to take on the world?” We think the answer to that question is already clear!

Read the full article at Unlimited.co.nz.

Photographs for the magazine were taken at the Supply Chain Solutions warehouse near Auckland Airport by professional photographer Jason Dorday. Supply Chain Solutions manages New Zealand-based stock and order fulfilment for World Wide Access.

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