Magento Cloud Backup v0.2.4 Released

It’s been a while since we last released a version of our Cloud Backup software extension for Magento webstores. Version 0.2.4 of Magento Cloud Backup is now available.

For those who are not familiar with it, if you’re running a webstore using the Magento e-commerce software platform, Magento Cloud Backup saves a complete webstore backup of all your Magento files and database and sends it to offsite storage using the AWS S3 service. It’s one of a growing number of e-commerce software tools and services we’re making available.

This release is version 0.2.4. You can download it on Magento Connect or directly from our site. It is a recommended upgrade for anyone currently running the Cloud Backup extension. It will now identify issues with cron on your server and any filesystem permission problems when saving or uploading the backup data to the cloud-based storage.

The cron problem detection is particularly important because without regularly-scheduled cron processes, your backup data may not be transferred offsite to the cloud storage as it’s supposed to, and a backup that isn’t happening automatically at least daily is not going to be very useful in the event of a critical failure of your server.

Cloud Backup also now lets you nominate a custom backup storage location and a preferred working directory to use during the backup process.

Lastly, the extension has been tested working up to Magento version 1.5. So if you’re running a new version of Magento, you have no excuse for not backing it up, you never know when your host is going to let you down.

Work on the next Cloud Backup version is already under way. This upcoming version will contain the much-awaited automatic restore capability, and a manual backup option that gives feedback and progress updates during the process. These two features have been requested by several Cloud Backup users and our intention is to make the functionality available over the next month.

As always, we invite feedback so please contact us with any suggestions, bugs or feature ideas.


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