March 2011 Export Shipment to the United States

Our next export shipment of New Zealand products to the United States is scheduled for 22 March. Suppliers wishing to be included should have their products registered with us, packed, palletised and in Auckland ready to ship by this coming Monday 21 March.

This shipment has been brought forward from its original April schedule in order to replenish more quickly in-market stocks a number of products with U.S. sales growing faster than anticipated.

This includes the Mumi&Bubi Solids Starter Kit, which was launched in only in mid-January and which is off to a flying start in the American market and already ranked as a top-20 bestseller in its category on It’s represented in the United States by World Wide Access webstore Shopping Moa.

The World Wide Access inventory management system anticipates stock demand and recommends replenishment quantities based on current stock levels and sales velocity, adjusting for anticipated sales growth, shipping lead times, and inbound stock already ‘on the water’. It also provides advance warnings of potential stock-out situations, which are to be avoided if sales momentum is to be maintained. Increasing sales, and the stock level alerts triggered as a consequence, are the reason behind this shipping schedule change.

This March shipment supersedes the previously-intended April shipment date. Suppliers please plan on early May as the next opportunity after this to replenish U.S. stocks and for new suppliers to get first stocks to America with World Wide Access.


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  1. Christina Piet 15 March 2011 at 1:49 pm #

    Hi Paul,

    Your team at World Wide Access has facilitated this exponential growth in US sales of our ‘Solids Starter Kit’ in such a short time period, all with very little risk to us at Mumi&Bubi.

    Thank You!
    Christina Piet

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