Womama Maternity Lingerie Now In America

Womama eco-friendly maternity lingerie is now available in the United States. Womama products are available immediately at ShoppingMoa.com and will soon be offered through major on-line shopping sites such as Shopzilla and Amazon.com.

Womama’s U.S. resellers can place wholesale orders on-line through Shopping Moa Wholesale to take advantage of in-market inventory delivered locally within the United States, on-line visibility of inventory availability at the time of order, and a drop ship delivery option for individual customer orders.

Congratulations Womama, your products are now in America!

Womama Nursing Nightie

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One Response to Womama Maternity Lingerie Now In America

  1. Dacey 18 May 2011 at 9:15 pm #

    Womama lingerie is awesome.It looks great and beautiul.It seems that cloth stuff is also good and i like its black collection.

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