Womama, Welcome On Board

Wellington firm Womama is about to launch its stylish range of eco-friendly maternity lingerie and innovative birth wear in the United States, and has chosen World Wide Access as the platform for its American market entry.

Heidi Holbrook of Womama said, “Working with World Wide Access will enable us to start building our brand in the USA with confidence that customers will be able to find our products.” That means generating more value more quickly from marketing investment.

Womama Bamboo EvolveThe first shipment of Womama nursing lingerie and birthing wraps  is already on its way, bound for Los Angeles. Womama products will be stocked by World Wide Access in the United States and will be available for purchase through on-line shopping sites from early 2011. Womama’s retail stockists will be supplied using the World Wide Access On-Line Wholesale service.

“We hadn’t realised that we could be in the U.S. market so quickly,” said Womama’s Juliette George. “We’ve had an increased awareness of the Womama brand in America in the last 6 months, we’ve been getting enquiries from potential stockists. Now, with the On-Line Wholesale service, we’ll have a fast reliable way to supply them in-market. ”

Womama lingerie featured at the recent high-profile Project Born show in Wellington on 18 November. Project Born raises funds for the neo-natal trust, which has as patron Sir Richard Taylor of Weta Workshops. Anyone who’s had a child with a NICU (neo-natal intensive care unit) appreciates the lifesaving care that NICU doctors and nurses provide.

Redline magazine recently profiled Womama, outlining the product vision of practical, flattering, high-quality garments that would be soft against the skin, and the business vision of taking Womama products world-wide. “Going global was always the plan, right from the start,” said Juliette. “I am sure that American mothers will love Womama as much as our customers in other countries.”

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