Build A Better Mouse Trap

Rotorua’s Nooski Trap Systems really has built a better mouse trap, the first truly new design for a mouse trap in over 100 years. It is literally the apocryphal ‘better mouse trap‘.

The Nooski Mouse Trap has no springs, no sharp jaws, no glue, no poison; it’s safer for pets, for children, for the environment, and for the person setting the trap. The Nooski mouse trap uses latex rubber rings from which rodents can’t escape. It works every time.

The Nooski range includes the mouse trap (pictured), a larger Nooski Rat Trap which is effective against rats, squirrels and other similar-size rodent pests, and refill packs of latex rubber rings which give the traps unlimited use, making them highly cost-effective.

Nooski mouse traps and rat traps are designed and made in New Zealand, and I’m excited that Nooski has chosen World Wide Access to take its Nooski-branded traps into the United States.

The first shipment of Nooski traps United States warehouses and Nooski mouse traps and rat traps are available now through

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