Cariboo Moves UK Sales To World Wide Access

Cariboo of New ZealanCariboo, New Zealand manufacturer of exclusive baby nursery furniture, has moved its UK sales to World Wide Access. World Wide Access will use its export and on-line retail sales platform to serve Cariboo customers in the UK and Ireland. Cariboo products are available today through the new webstore.

Cariboo bassinets and cots are hand-crafted at Cariboo’s base in rural North Canterbury and exported world-wide. The Cariboo range includes the Cariboo Classic Crib (Bassinet), Folding Crib, Gentle Motions Crib, Change Table and the Cariboo Classic Cot, each of which has a range of colour choices and cleverly-designed complimentary add-on options.

It was a period of just six weeks from the decision to proceed with World Wide Access to having a fully-operational in-market UK on-line sales capability. This brief timeframe demonstrates the rapid time-to-market that World Wide Access can achieve for New Zealand suppliers. The timetable was able to be accelerated because Cariboo had products already in the UK.

Cariboo products are now stocked at World Wide Access warehouses in the United Kingdom, which enables the webstore to provide guaranteed delivery times to UK customers, and to monitor inventory levels for each product in real-time so as to ensure that orders taken can be fulfilled immediately. These are capabilities essential to providing a world-class level of on-line customer service.

Previously Cariboo had employed local sales staff and a wholesale distribution market entry strategy, aiming to have UK retail stores stock Cariboo products. Despite the positive reception the Cariboo range of quality nursery furniture received, and initial sales success, the conventional distribution approach ultimately proved unsatisfactory. This prompted the move to World Wide Access and its new model for export sales.

Carol McGeady, Cariboo Managing Director, said, “One of the things we particularly like about going with World Wide Access is the ability it will give us to communicate directly with customers through website facilities such as a blog and product information and question-and-answer pages. Our people here at Cariboo know our products the best and it’s important to us to be in touch with our customers to provide them the best possible service.”

The new Cariboo Blog is part of the World Wide Access on-line promotion infrastructure that now becomes available to Cariboo, which includes integrated email marketing and a brand presence on Facebook and Twitter social media sites.

Cariboo Folding Bassinet

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2 Responses to Cariboo Moves UK Sales To World Wide Access

  1. Heidi Holbrook 13 September 2010 at 10:37 pm #

    Hi Paul,
    Just doing some research reading article above. Will we get a blog with question and answer pages with the site for America or is this the marketing package you were talking to Juliette about?

    Can you pleaes send me through the PR company you recommend?



  2. Paul Grey 14 September 2010 at 2:34 am #

    Thanks for writing. We can certainly set you up with a blog and product info and Q&A pages. This will make it easy for you to describe your products in the right terms for U.S. customers, covering the range available in the U.S. and you’ll be able to link directly to the web pages where your products are available for purchase in-market in America. We’ll get back to you separately with PR recommendations.

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