Vicki Buck On Export Marketing and Distribution

Paul asked me to write a bit for his blog. And I’m really pleased to do so.

What he’s created with World Wide Access is so needed. There are so many excellent companies throughout New Zealand who have poured their hearts and souls into their businesses.

And there seems to me to be two big things that stand in the way of their success.

One of those is capital in this country and that’s a long story that I won’t start on here. But even that has relatively simple answers.

And then there’s marketing and distribution in a highly competitive world where we usually don’t understand the nuances and methods of the local economies overseas. Its hard even to begin to know what’s going to work and what’s a waste of money…

I met Paul at Foo Camp, which is in itself a slightly otherworldly experience. One of the noticeable things about Paul is that his face makes a natural smile, and he started to tell some of us (who were drinking coffee instead of attending another session, cos our heads were full !) about what he was doing . He knew a lot about how to sell New Zealand products in America. Usually Kiwis would be reticent about that, and despite his years living in the USA, Paul has retained some of that. But the enormity of the opportunity and the massive movements in on-line retailing that we knew very little of, and just the sheer scale of the opportunity for NZ products was compelling. And the fact that he’d found a way to get through all that was pretty exciting. I watched as he showed me on-line sales happening in real time while he drank his coffee.

It was pretty compelling, and there were two other Christchurch people there so Paul stood no chance of avoiding our city. He was down here the following week seeing at least half a dozen companies that we thought would benefit…

That was in February, and its great to see that already two Canterbury manufacturers are on board with World Wide Access and getting their products in front of on-line customers overseas.

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  1. Mike Perry 25 October 2010 at 4:28 am #

    Like Vicki, I met Paul at the Foo Camp this year. Amongst other things I went seeking insight into developing business in the US and found it in spades through discussion with Paul.

    Although we have thrived for some years on an organically developed customer base in the US, the prospect of setting out to develop new business from cold has been loaded with uncertainty. The need to get so many things just right and the myriad of pitfalls in US sales operations are things for which business in NZ cannot adequately prepare you. For me, being able to tap into Paul’s many years of on the ground US experience lifted the veil of mystery about sales in the US and very usefully focused our strategy.

    The more I understood the subtlety and insight of Paul’s World Wide Access approach, the more I could see the amazing benefit it presents local entrepreneurs with cool ideas and real ambition to sell in the big markets. I guess the thing that particularly appeals to me about WWA is that it goes beyond consultancy. Paul could have become very busy simply advising would-be or struggling exporters but with this he is actually providing real facilitation.

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