Adwords Quiz Answer

Last week I posed an Adwords Quiz Question; which of two very similar search advertisements is being clicked three times more than the other, and why? The answer follows.

Here are the two ads in question once again:

Best Value Diaper Covers Best Value Diaper Covers
Save 50% on Diaper Cover Six-Packs, Super Special 6 for $36, Save 50%
Quality 3-Layer Diaper Covers. Quality Waterproof Diaper Covers.

These two ads are very similar. The same heading, and largely the same content. Within the World Wide Access on-line marketing team there’d been discussion and debate about whether the term ‘3-layer’ was more or less meaningful to potential customers than ‘waterproof’, whether the ‘Save 50%’ was attracting more clicks, whether the $36 price should or shouldn’t be included in the headline. Opinions were divided.

In fact, the answer is that advertisement B was being clicked three times more frequently than A.

But why?

Further analysis of the suggested that the combination of including the price and the percentage discount in the advertisement might be the winning factor. But the real answer is that, when it comes to on-line advertising, the only right answer is to try things, observe, measure, and adapt.

In this particular case, the follow-up action we’ve taken is to publish a new advertisement which will run head to head with the best of these ones. The new ad includes the price and the discount percentage in the heading, to test the new theory. There’s no need for endless debate about who might or might not be right. Instead, it’s a matter of using the new information to come up with an idea, and trying it. If it doesn’t work, discard it and move on. If it works, keep it and improve upon it in the next round.


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