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MAIDENHEAD, England – The world’s first merino sleeping bag for newborn babies, the Cocooi Newborn Sleep Bag by Merino Kids of New Zealand, is now available in the United Kingdom at Crafted entirely from 100% natural superfine merino wool, the Cocooi Newborn Sleep Bag fits newborn babies up to three months old and helps them to sleep safely through the night.

The Cocooi Newborn Sleep Bag is a safer alternative to top sheets, blankets and duvets which can cover a baby’s face and interfere with their breathing. By design the Cocooi newborn baby sleeping bag stays clear of a baby’s face, and babies are less inclined to roll on to their stomach and sleep face-down when wearing a baby sleeping bag.

Further, babies sleeping in natural merino fabric are much less likely to overheat than babies sleeping in artificial fabrics. Amie Nilsson, founder of Merino Kids, explains, “Merino fabric will readily absorb and release moisture up to 35 per cent of its own weight to help prevent a baby from overheating, compared with synthetic fabrics which are commonly around one per cent absorption. Overheating is a possible SIDS contributing factor and risk of overheating is an important consideration when choosing nursery bedding.”

The sleeveless design of the Cocooi newborn baby sleeping bag promotes air circulation to reduce further the risk of overheating.

Earlier this year Merino Kids was awarded the Seal of Outstanding Design Quality in the coveted 2009 International Forum Product Design Awards for the Cocooi Newborn Sleep Bag. It has a patented safety belt aperture for safe travelling in a child car seat or stroller, making it easy for parents to transfer their baby asleep to and from their cot.

The Cocooi Newborn Sleep Bag is now available at Babysleepbags delivers locally in the United Kingdom, throughout Europe, and world-wide.

About Babysleepbags

Babysleepbags is an official supplier of award-winning natural merino baby sleeping bags and baby wraps from Merino Kids of New Zealand. These world-best baby products are available on-line at for delivery to customers in the United Kingdom, Europe, Canada and world wide, and from for delivery to customers throughout the United States.

For media inquiries, please contact Sally Grey, ph (64) 21 2391244, [email protected].

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