Are You Ready?

The big export markets are vast in scale and opportunity.

America is the biggest of the big time. There’s no bigger opportunity than the American market and ExportX brings it within your reach.

E-commerce is also growing fast in China, the UK, Europe, Canada and Japan. Some analysts are picking that China might outstrip even the United States in a few years time. ExportX can get you there now, to connect shoppers with your products.

Are you ready?

Use this checklist as a guide to getting started.

  • Stock ready to go.
  • Volume production capacity when sales start to grow.
  • Competitive advantage in quality, features or value.
  • Products are labelled, tested, certified and compliant with export market regulations.
  • Products packaged suitably for seafreight, warehousing and courier distribution.
  • EAN or UPC barcodes scannable on the outside of each packaged product.
  • High quality product images and supporting images of product features for all styles, colours, options and SKUs.
  • Required registrations in export markets. For the USA, for example, food manufacturers must be registered with the FDA.
  • International liability insurance cover.

When you’re ready, we can take your products into export markets more quickly than you ever thought possible. And, with ExportX, you don’t have to risk everything to get there. Contact us to get started.